“I’ve purchased several Lips & Lace Lippies! I love them all, but my absolute favorite is “Bling Out”. It says a lot in a small way. It’s there and gives my face a hint of something great but not too much! A tad above neutral and step below too shiny.... perfect for any occasion where you want to both stand out and be subtle! The perfect combination!!”


“I am delighted to say I finally found a lipstick that does not clabbers up. With it being a matte it is awesome!!! The texture of the velvet matte is smooth. The creamy matte is very light. I give these products a five star!!!”


“I literally plan on buying EVERYTHING Lips & Lace has to offer. It’s so hard to choose a favorite, because there’s a color to go with my mood or outfit! I love how the colors pop, and how they offer a variety of colors. Melanin and Fringe are definitely at the top of my list, and the Lip Glaze has my lips feeling AMAZING!”


“My experience with Lips & Lace has been amazing!!! I have purchased 5 lippies, and my favorite one is “weekend”. It gives me that bold beautiful look. When I’m on the go, I always pick up Fringe. It gives me my natural look. Did I mention Bitchy and Venom!!! OMG I will be purchasing the next lippies Lips & Lace comes out with.”